About Us
In 2011, 10 years after Mr. Jim O’Neal published his report “Building better BRICs – (at that time without South Africa), BRICS-PED was established as the first multilateral Chamber of Commerce organizing seminars to better understand BRICS countries; as a way of a new emergent market aiming to sit in equal conditions with any other country of from the “what so called” developed world. Nowadays BRICS have their own bank, and represent equality of oportunities to everybody in the world.

Founded by former Brazilian Minister Walter Costa Porto, BRICS-PED is the first Chamber of Commerce of BRICS. Since 2015, former Brazilian Senator Antonio Aureliano chairs the Board of Directors focusing in one word: sustainable growth.

BRICS-PED is aware of that. Nowadays we are located in 6 countries with more than 60 collaborators in 10 offices.